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The Five Best Minor Roseanne Characters

Bonnie Watkins - Roseanne’s waitress pal with a questionable past and even more questionable future. She covered for Roseanne at work and entertained her family and friends at barbecues with her AMAZING song stylings. For serious, her “You Really Got a Hold On Me” rivals any version.

Iris - Diehard Roseanne fans (see: actress, not show) will recognize Lori Tan Chinn from her other minor role as one of Ruth Patchett’s success stories in 1989’s She-Devil.  I will always think of her as the sarcastic-as-shit hair stylist whom Roseanne worked with during her janitorial days at Art’s Beauty Parlor.

Barbara Healy - There was nothing funny or endearing about David’s mother, played by Sally Kirkland, but she was so real and she was FOR REAL.  Though she only appears in two episodes, Sally Kirkland gives such life to this beast that she stays with you.  She also birthed our angel baby, David, so she’s all good.

Elijah Anderson - Elijah Minnelli.  Nicolas Meyst was on screen for about five minutes in 1994 and has since done little according to the internets.  DJ’s “friend”, who was really just bait Roseanne used to get in with his fancy society mother (Carol Brady), had a penchant for singing to himself. Leaving me with my go-to line of the mid-90’s: “That’s Elijah with a J!”

Chuckie Mitchell -  Before Chuckie (James Pickens, Jr.) flipped the script and moved to Seattle to head up Seattle Grace with Ronald Miller, he lived in Landford and stuck by Dan through the highs and lows of blue collar life.  He and his wife, Anne Marie, were Dan and Roseanne’s oldest friends and were the only ones to survive most of the series. Probably because he was real bad at poker and that’s the kind of guy you want around.

-Michael Jester


Comparison of the 1st clip.

This is a great project. Something I would like to do for a lost classic. Perhaps “World’s Greatest Sinner”?

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